Ruben Andres Salas

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • PhD ME (2022)
Department Industrial and Enterprise System Engineering

Mechanical Engineer from Universidad del Valle, Colombia (2008). MS in mechanical engineering (2012) and PhD in Sciences (2017) in the Control and Mechanical Automation area from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He has experience in the development of algorithms for the optimization of Multiphysics systems in dynamic regime, especially in transient regime by using topology optimization method (TOM). He has worked on optimization problems applied to piezoelectric and composite materials, eletrothermomechanical systems, inverse seismic problem, design considering stress constraints. In addition, he has performed computational cost estimations of TOM-based algorithms and proposed methods for the efficient application of absorbing boundary conditions to model infinite and semi-infinite media. Currently, he is working on the application of projection methods for Multiphysics modeling and gradient-based optimization in the SPI2 (Spatial Packaging of Interconnected Systems with Physical Interactions) problem.


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Office 104 S. Mathews Ave., #406, Urbana, IL 61801